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08 Feb 2023 News Management & Maintenance

Rota Vicentina’s new website

Finally, new maps, new report form, new agenda. More easier and faster! Everything you need to live unforgettable days in Southwest Portugal.

Beatriz Silvestre
06 Feb 2023 Article Trips

CMT Fahrrad & WanderReisen: check!

And three years later, CMT Fahrrad & WanderReisen returned and Rota Vicentina was present, very well represented by Diogo Trindade and Irene Nunes.

Diogo Trindade
03 Feb 2023 Article Trips

Semana ID – A very special week at Rota Vicentina, in the Southwest of Portugal

It’s not a walking festival, it is not a cultural event, it has no headliners. It’s a special week, prepared along the year with and for the Natural Pa[...]

Marta Cabral
30 Jan 2023 Notice Trips

Did something go wrong in the trails? Tell us everything!

Share with us the problem you encountered on the Rota Vicentina trails.

Irene Nunes
27 Jan 2023 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Volunteering calendar in February, March and April

Maintenance, volunteering and nature conservation activities calendar in February, March and April of 2023Despite these cold days, the [...]

Leonor Pires
26 Jan 2023 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Maintenance Walk from Furnas to Salema

The first maintenance walk of 2023 took place on the most difficult section of Fishermen's Trail: from Furnas to Salema.

Leonor Pires
18 Jan 2023 Editorial Community

🇬🇧 The Systemic Transformation of the World and “Semana ID”

"Experience feeling nature, breathing in silence, eating what you see being harvested, hiking for pleasure, learning a new lifestyle". For a few days, a fe[...]

Marta Cabral
10 Jan 2023 Article Trips

🇬🇧 Next stop: Stuttgard, Ghent and Utrecht

Stuttgard, Ghent and Utrecht are the destinations of the European tourism fairs where Rota Vicentina will be present in 2023. If you are nearby, come and v[...]

Beatriz Silvestre
05 Jan 2023 News Strategy & Sustainability

Seminar “Tourism: a barometer of sustainability in rural territories”

Rota Vicentina Association is organising the Seminar "Tourism: a barometer of sustainability in rural territories", which will take place on March 31st in [...]

Marta Cabral
18 Nov 2022 News Trips

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina’s new shop

Rota Vicentina has a new online shop!

Beatriz Silvestre
18 Nov 2022 Article Community

🇬🇧 Maintenance Walk in Pego da Laima section » Odemira

On November 12th, we went to the Historical Way.

Leonor Pires
11 Nov 2022 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Luz » Lagos trail section

Students from the Júlio Dantas Schoo helps Rota Vicentina to look after the Luz » Lagos trail section of Rota Vicentina

Irene Nunes
04 Nov 2022 Article Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 Do you want to help the Rota Vicentina Association? Make a donation!

You can help Rota Vicentina with your time, or with a financial contribution through a donation.

31 Oct 2022 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Volunteering In November, December and January

Maintenance, volunteering and monitoring activities calendar in November and December 2022 and January 2023

Leonor Pires
27 Oct 2022

🇬🇧 Environmental Awareness Activities with schools in Aljezur and Castelão

Awareness walk in the Algarve + Sustainable and “My profession” activity with the Castelão Kindergarten

Leonor Pires
25 Oct 2022 Article Trips

🇬🇧 Where to buy maps and guide books of Rota Vicentina?

Are you planning your hike on the Fishermen's Trail or the Historical Way? Find out where to find the official maps and guide books of Rota Vicentina!

20 Oct 2022 Artigo Comunidade

Semana ID 2023: March 26th to April 1st

In the year that marks the 10th anniversary of Rota Vicentina Association, we invite all community and local partners to another edition of Semana ID.

Delphine Attali
14 Oct 2022 Artigo Comunidade

🇬🇧 Algarve + Sustainable: we’ll be there!

Rota Vicentina will be present in Algarve+Sustainable event.

Irene Nunes
10 Oct 2022 Aviso Viagens

🇬🇧 Walkers alert: cut of trees in S. Martinho das Amoreiras Circular Route

There is a cut of trees that makes difficult to walk on S. Martinho das Amoreiras Circular Route.

Irene Nunes
04 Oct 2022 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina is one of the best long autumn walks in Europe according to The Guardian

British newspaper "The Guardian" highlights Rota Vicentina as one of the best walking destinations in Europe.

Beatriz Silvestre
04 Oct 2022 Artigo Comunidade

🇬🇧 Maintenance of WalkingTrails with the Évora University

On a sunny day of September, Rota Vicentina team walked with some students of Tourism Degree of University of Évora, on the trail section Zambujeira do Ma[...]

Leonor Pires
01 Oct 2022 Article Trips

🇬🇧 Autumn in Rota Vicentina

Now the weather is milder, the beaches are more peaceful and hotels have lower prices, so there are plenty of good reasons to explore Portugal. All you hav[...]

Beatriz Silvestre
06 Sep 2022 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 How many hikers are on Rota Vicentina right now?

On October 15th and November 10th, we get back on trails for a new monitoring action.

Irene Nunes
28 Aug 2022 Artigo Gestão & Manutenção

🇬🇧 Volunteering in September and October

Volunteering on Rota Vicentina is back in September and October. Find out the volunteering calendar for the next Autumn season!

Irene Nunes
24 Aug 2022 Artigo Comunidade

🇬🇧 “Rota mais próxima” at… Santiago do Cacém

We want to embrace all local community of this region and with them continue to build the future of Southwest of Portugal. Join us and bring your neighbour[...]

Beatriz Silvestre
03 Aug 2022 Editorial Estratégia & Sustentabilidade

🇬🇧 August in Rota Vicentina

August is not the best month to explore Rota Vicentina, but it is a delightful time for another kind of holidays! The Portuguese people, in particular, lov[...]

Marta Cabral
08 Jul 2022 Aviso Viagens

🇬🇧 Heat wave weather warning in Portugal

Warning for hikers and cyclists: very high temperatures until 14 July. Plan your walking and cycling holidays for another time!

Beatriz Silvestre
27 Jun 2022 Notícia Viagens

🇬🇧 Historical Way has been recognised as the best preserved walking trail in Portugal

Historical Way distinguished with "Best Of Responsible Trails"

Beatriz Silvestre
18 May 2022 Article Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina in the Brazilian Congress of Trails

From 25 to 29 May, Rota Vicentina Association will be present in the 1st edition of the Brazilian Congress of Trails.

Beatriz Silvestre
15 May 2022 Notice Trips

🇬🇧 [Resolved] Walkers Alert: a bridge collapsed in Fishermen’s Trail

Walkers Alert: a bridge collapsed in Fishermen’s Trail, between Vila Nova de Milfontes » Almograve

Irene Nunes
01 May 2022 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Volunteering activities in May and June

Official hiking season is almost over and to do it in the best way, the Rota Vicentina Association proposes 7 maintenance walks and 1 field trip for survey[...]

Irene Nunes
01 May 2022 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 We are looking for volunteers to monitorize Rota Vicentina!

Rota Vicentina is looking for volunteers for a Monitoring Action Day in May!

Delphine Attali
01 May 2022 Editorial Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 Walking on Rota Vicentina for 10 years

In the May Editorial of the Rota Vicentina's new blog we make an overview about the journey that the Association has made in the region in the last 10 year[...]

Marta Cabral
29 Apr 2022 Opinions Trips

🇬🇧 Your feedback about the Semana ID ’22

After the Semana ID we asked for feedback from those who experienced this event!

Beatriz Silvestre
14 Apr 2022 Notice Trips

🇬🇧 [Resolved]Walkers Alert: cut of trees in Sabóia area

There is a tree cutting that does not allow the passage of the trail (Circular Route Discovering Totenique path and connection to the Sabóia - Odemira His[...]

Irene Nunes
13 Apr 2022 Article Trips

🇬🇧 After Semana ID… the Agenda keep on going!

From now on, in towns and villages of Alentejo and Algarve, we can see the stickers of Rota Vicentina's Agenda, including a QR Code that takes us directly [...]

Marta Cabral
09 Apr 2022 Article Trips

🇬🇧 The Diary of Semana ID

Daily updates about Semana ID

Beatriz Silvestre
01 Apr 2022 Editorial Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 Welcome to the new Rota Vicentina’s Blog!

Editorial of April 2022

Marta Cabral
14 Mar 2022 Interview Community

🇬🇧 “A feeling of gratitude to be allowed to live here”

Claire was a student on the 1st edition of the Course for Local Guides and shared his testimony with us.

13 Mar 2022 Interview Community

🇬🇧 “Rota Vicentina is more than a series of hiking trails”

Matt Davies was a student on the 1st edition of the Course for Local Guides and shared his testimony with us.

10 Feb 2022 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Maintenance Walk in the Circular Route São Teotónio’s Heathlands

The maintenance walks on Rota Vicentina are always very special moments. This was in February, on a sunny winter day, in São Teotónio village.

Manuel Monteiro
09 Feb 2022 News Community

🇬🇧 Save the date: Semana ID 2022 is coming

From April 3rd to 9th, the Southwest of Portugal will host a new Semana ID (portuguese words for ID Week), an event promoted by Rota Vicentina Association,[...]

Beatriz Silvestre
26 Jan 2022 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 We will monitoring the impact of Rota Vicentina

In 2017, Rota Vicentina had the privilege of being able to count on many volunteers and Associates to monitorize the trails and this year we want to repeat[...]

Irene Nunes
26 Jan 2022 News Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Volunteering in February and March

8 maintenance walks and 1 field trip for monitoring

Irene Nunes
19 Jan 2022 Article Community

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina is training local guides for the region!

12 days focused on the interpretation and appreciation of cultural and natural heritage, as well as on the relationship with local communities.

Beatriz Silvestre
17 Jan 2022 Notice Trips

🇬🇧 Awarning to hikers: risk of landslide in the south of Amália Beach

A part of the trail section of Zambujeira do Mar » Odeceixe, of Fishermen's Trail was closed. An alternative trail has been defined.

Irene Nunes
30 Dec 2021 Article Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina in 2021

Chegada a altura de fazer balanços e reflexões, relembramos o que de melhor aconteceu em 2021 na Rota Vicentina.

Beatriz Silvestre
30 Dec 2021 Clipping Trips

🇬🇧 🇩🇪 “Touro Azul” in the Die Zeit

Article by Lisa Frieda Cossham, published in the 2021 3rd edition of the German weekly Die Zeit.

Beatriz Silvestre
11 Dec 2021 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Senhora das Neves Circular Route

Paula and Alexandre from Figueirinha Ecoturismo are caretakers, since 2019, of the Senhora das Neves Circular Route, a path that takes us to the Hermitage [...]

Irene Nunes
12 Nov 2021 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Bordeira to the Sea Circular Route

Leonor and Francisco are Architects, they started to collaborate with Rota Vicentina as volunteers and today they are caretakers of Circular Route from Bor[...]

Irene Nunes
29 Oct 2021 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Volunteering in November and December

We invite you to take a look at the calendar of the next voluntary activities of the Rota Vicentina.

Irene Nunes
15 Sep 2021 Article Trips

🇬🇧 We’re so happy to see you back on track!

The official walking season has started and we are already seeing some hikers (and cyclists) out there, which makes us very grateful!

Beatriz Silvestre
15 Sep 2021 News Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at World for Travel – Évora Fórum

From September 16th to 17th, Rota Vicentina will be present at the World for Travel - Évora Forum, a conference about the Sustainable Tourism.

Beatriz Silvestre
31 Aug 2021 Article Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Volunteering in September and October

Here is the new calendar with Rota Vicentina activities. We are soooooo happy to get back to the trails, to take care of them, specially with those who lov[...]

Irene Nunes
24 Aug 2021 Community

🇬🇧 I’m the caretaker of Santiago do Cacém » Vale Seco trail section

David Sobral is the official caretaker of Santiago do Cacém » Vale Seco stage of the Historical Way, since 2019.

Irene Nunes
17 Aug 2021 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Cercal do Alentejo » Porto Covo trail section

Since 2020, Herdade da Matinha takes care of Cercal do Alentejo » Porto Covo Historical Way stage.

Irene Nunes
10 Aug 2021 Community

🇬🇧 I’m caretaker of Odeceixe » Aljezur trail section

Andreia has been the caretaker of Odeceixe » Aljezur section of the Fishermen's Trail since 2020

Irene Nunes
07 Aug 2021 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Odemira » S. Teotónio trail section

Helena and Joia are caretakers of one Historical Way trail section, since the creation of walking trails in the region. They take care of Odemira » São T[...]

Irene Nunes
03 Aug 2021 Community

🇬🇧 I’m caretaker of Odeceixe » Aljezur trail section

Nelson Banza has been caretaker of Odeceixe » Aljezur trail section of the Historical Way since 2020.

Irene Nunes
28 Jul 2021 Article Trips

🇬🇧 Together for sustainable tourism

12 collaborative networks launch national campaign for responsible tourism

Beatriz Silvestre
20 Jul 2021 Article Trips

🇬🇧 Routes through the Southwest of Portugal

Tips and itineraries for Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast

Beatriz Silvestre
11 Jul 2021 Article Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Troviscais ao Mira Circular Route

Long time friends of Rota Vicentina, Peter and Joke are caretakers of "Troviscais ao Mira" Circular Route that reveals the most inhospitable and authentic [...]

Irene Nunes
20 Jun 2021 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Amoreira Circular Route

Since 2014, Margarida Novais and the team from Vicentina Hotel has been caretaker of the Circular Route of Amoreira.

Irene Nunes
24 May 2021 Video Community

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina presents mini-series “Portraits of SW Portugal”

Fisheries, sacred land, cork and medronho. 4 episodes that reflect the roots of Southwest of Portugal.

Beatriz Silvestre
07 Mar 2021 Community

🇬🇧 I’m caretaker of Porto Covo » Vila Nova de Milfontes trail section

Tireless, he takes care of part of Porto Covo »Vila Nova de Milfontes section.

Irene Nunes
11 Oct 2020 Community

🇬🇧 I’m caretaker of Zambujeira do Mar » Odeceixe trail section

António is caretaker and Partner Associate of Rota Vicentina since the beginning. He takes care of the Zambujeira do Mar » Odeceixe section of Fishermen'[...]

Irene Nunes
11 Oct 2020 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Almograve » Zambujeira do Mar trail section

Teresa and Augusto are caretakers and friends of Rota Vicentina, since ever!

Irene Nunes
11 Sep 2020 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Aljezur » Arrifana trail section

Since 2020, Domitur has been caretaker of Aljezur » Arrifana section of the Historical Way.

Irene Nunes
03 Sep 2020 Community

🇬🇧 I’m caretaker of Sissal Beach Circular Route

Teacher Catarina Chagas Pinto takes care of Circular Route of the Rota Vicentina in Porto Covo since 2019.

Irene Nunes
27 Aug 2020 Artigo Management & Maintenance

🇬🇧 Remote Volunteering in Rota Vicentina

Do you want to help Rota Vicentina but you're not around? Find ou more about the new remote volunteering platform!

Irene Nunes
11 Aug 2020 Community

🇬🇧 We’re caretakers of Vila Nova de Milfontes » Almograve trail section

Susana and Calhi are Godfathers, Founders and Offical Partners Associates of Rota Vicentina since the beginning. They take care of the famous Vila Nova de [...]

Irene Nunes
05 Aug 2020 Artigo Community

🇬🇧 The testimony of volunteer Mara

Mara came from Latvia to do her European Voluntary Service in Portugal, in particular on Rota Vicentina.

05 Sep 2019 Article Trips

6 steps towards Responsible Travel in Rota Vicentina

If you believe that protecting and maintaining this pristine region – with its outstanding nature, unique culture and authentic way of living – relies [...]

16 Oct 2017 Clipping Trips

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina on the spanish blog Hanway

"The best are the people" says Javier, spanish travel blogger.

26 Jul 2017 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 14 days in Rota Vicentina with ECO 123 magazine

The therapist Rena Schulte is 29 years old and lives in Berlin. She decided to visit Portugal, and make the trip on foot, along the Historical Way and the [...]

30 Jun 2017 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Nature, tranquility and gastronomy in portuguese televison SIC

"Rota Vicentina had an impact on the region because it put it on the world map."

25 Oct 2016 Artigo Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina Association delivers two Manifestos to the Government of Portugal

Rota Vicentina Association delivers two Manifestos to the Government of Portugal

01 Sep 2016 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at Condé Nast Traveler

The Condé Nast Traveler magazine, are worthy of special attention when it comes to visiting the Alentejo.

04 Aug 2016 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Another amazing article about Rota Vicentina in Lonely Planet magazine!

In a big article, Lonely Planet was at Alentejo to know its history, landscapes and gastronomy.

18 Jun 2016 Trips


The journalist Michael Glombowski traveled the Alentejo during the month of November and of course, did not miss the opportunity to hike in the Rota Vicent[...]

19 May 2016 Artigo Comunidade

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina with the children’s of Milfontes

On the 18th May 2016, Rota Vicentina cooperated on a walk with children from the Vila Nova de Milfontes Kindergarten.

02 Dec 2015 Artigo Viagens

Rota Vicentina on European Environmental Bureau

The case of Rota Vicentina and the Southwest Portugal highlighted on the European publication from the European Environmental Bureau.

13 Nov 2015 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Active Traveller

"Bicycles, Boots & Beaches in Southern Portugal"

04 Nov 2015 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at X-Journey

“Discovering the pristine West-Algarve with its hidden natural treasures on foot along the Fishermen’s Trail is a very unique experience”, Daniela Ha[...]

28 Oct 2015 Artigo Gestão & Manutenção

🇬🇧 Cooperation protocol with the 5 Municipalities of the region

Santiago do Cacém, Sines, Odemira, Aljezur and Vila do Bispo assume a financial, technical and logistical commitment to the various activities of the Asso[...]

04 Sep 2013 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at The Sunday Times

An unique experience, not only for the landscape, welcoming and gastronomy. To read in The Sunday Times.

04 Sep 2013 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at Lonely Planet Travel Magazine

"Walking on sunshine". Lonely Planet Travel Magazine highlights the trails of Rota Vicentina.

09 May 2013 Artigo Strategy & Sustainability

🇬🇧 New Association Rota Vicentina created

The partnership created around Rota Vicentina was extended beyond its starting promoters, involving now about one hundred Sw Portugal tourism entrepeneurs [...]

08 Apr 2013 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Fishermen’s Trail at National Geographic Traveler

10 of the best new walking trails according to National Geographic Traveler

16 Mar 2013 Artigo Viagens

🇬🇧 International Award in Berlin

Rota Vicentina's promotional video Two Steps to Freedom won the Golden City Gate prize, awarded at ITB Berlim, the world's biggest tourism fair.

04 Nov 2012 Artigo Viagens

🇬🇧 British Guild of Travel Writers recognize Rota Vicentina

Rota Vicentina won a Merit Award from the prestigious British Guild of Travel Writers.

04 Sep 2012 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at german magazine Ok!

"Mit Caro um die Welt: I love... Algarve - Ich nehme euch mit zu den schönsten Reisezielen - Teil 20: Costa Vincentina, Portugal"

04 Sep 2012 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at Gooi en Eemlander

This article describes an experience of a short boat trip upstream the river Mira, from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Odemira.

04 Sep 2012 Clipping Viagens

🇬🇧 Rota Vicentina at Nederlands Dagblad

Rota Vicentina was news in the dutch online newspaper Nederlands Dagblad, which published an article by Gerhard Wilts, who visited the region last summer.

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