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Walking, cycling... donate!

Rota Vicentina is much more than one hiking trail! It is a big network that connects people, territory and identity, contributing to the sustainable development of Southwest region.

There are different ways to contribute and collaborate behind the scenes in the development and conservation of Rota Vicentina.

You can help Rota Vicentina with your time, or with a financial contribution through a donation.

FAQ's about donations

  • Why give a donation to Rota Vicentina?

    Rota Vicentina Association was born in 2013, having now almost 10 years of important work in the protection, development and sustainable promotion of the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, in Portugal.

    It is recognised for its research and experimentation, based on a community that invests its time, money and knowledge of the most precious local values.

    A donation will be an important contribution to the necessary reinvention of the way tourism is done in rural and natural areas.

  • How can I donate?

    At the moment you can make a single or monthly donation using one of the following payment systems:

    – Paypal / Credit Card
    – Bank transfer to IBAN: PT50004563324025916122648 | BIC (Swift): CCCMPTPL
    – In person, at the Rota Vicentina Association’s office in Odemira village.

    There are no extra costs beyond the amount you want to donate, and it is your option to round off the donation amount to cover commissions charged to Rota Vicentina via Paypal.

  • Where do your donations go to?

    The maintenance of the Walking and Cycling trails, the management of information about them, awareness and work in the environmental and socio-cultural areas are not possible without financial resources. This is exactly where we invest your donations.

  • There are other ways to help?


    You can help with your time through various volunteering activities or by be a caretaker of a walking trail. Check the volunteering section on our website.

    You can buy one of the products in our shop (maps, t-shirts or guide books). Our team has produced a portfolio of technical materials that not only support you during your hike, but will make your experience in Rota Vicentina even better! Maps, guide books and t-shirts, you choose!

    You can become an individual member of Rota Vicentina Association by paying an annual fee of 60 euros. And if you have a business in the region, you can become a Member (check the conditions in the Become a Member section of our website).

    Finally, planning your trip and choosing an agency, an accommodation, a restaurant, a transport or an activity, you can prefer the Rota Vicentina partner companies. Contacting through our website these companies that believe, invest, know and preserve the Rota Vicentina®, you’ll be ensuring your contribution – even if indirectly – to the Rota Vicentina Association.

If we can’t answer your question here, please contact us using this form.

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