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🇬🇧 Algarve + Sustainable: we’ll be there!

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Rota Vicentina will be present in Algarve+Sustainable event.

This portuguese event was born in 2021 and brings together the Biennale of Nature Tourism and the Algarve Nature Fest, both initiatives with a common goal: the reflection and promotion of sustainable tourism in Algarve region.
The 2022 edition will take place between October 18th and 22nd in Aljezur village. Over these 5 days, the programme is divided into 5 different parts: for students, exhibition, knowledge workshops, debate and for the general public.
Rota Vicentina Association will be present in the event Algarve+Sustainable with two walks. The first will be an awareness walk along the Amoreira Circular Route on the October 18th for local students.

Besides this activity, Rota Vicentina’s team will also organise a maintenance walk on the stretch of Arrifana » Aljezur that belongs to the Fishermen’s Trail. This last walk will be open to everyone, but you must register.

As well as experiencing another trail section of Rota Vicentina, it will also be possible to take care of the trails, repaint the marks and clean up the rubbish along the way.

Don’t miss this opportunity and join us!


Irene Nunes

Nasceu em Besançon (França) no ano de 1986. Entre outras coisas, gosta particularmente de fotografia, caminhadas, cerâmica, leitura, surpresas e chocolate.

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