🇬🇧 Volunteering calendar in February, March and April

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Maintenance, volunteering and nature conservation activities calendar in February, March and April of 2023

Despite these cold days, the bright sun invites us to hit the trails and stay active to warm up the body! Join us?

The next dates of volunteering activities have already been set! The next months will be filled with maintenance walks and nature conservation actions in the pilot areas. Some of these activities integrate not only the volunteering calendar but also the Semana ID.


Remember that the maintenance walks are not carried out on rainy days because the paint we use to repaint the signage does not dry out in wet weather, preventing its correct use.

In addition to the usual maintenance walks, we also call for your participation in nature conservation actions so that, together, we can “get our hands dirty” and help protect the unique habitats of our territory.

The conservation actions of Rota Vicentina Association are essentially concentrated in two pilot areas defined in the Life Volunteers Escapes project – in Alteirinhos and in Malhão’s Temporary Ponds.

In March, there will be training on Walking Trails, with special emphasis on the assumptions and work system on Rota Vicentina. In this training, mandatory for anyone who sponsors a Rota Vicentina trail, the fundamentals of marking, the necessary material and the care to be taken when carrying out maintenance will be covered.

Are you in?


Leonor Pires

Arquitecta Paisagista de formação, sempre esteve ligada à Natureza. Leonor adora plantas, música, artesanato, desenhar e caminhar ao ar livre. O Alentejo é a sua casa.

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