Volunteering activities in May and June

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Calendar of volunteer activities in May and June 2022

Official hiking season is almost over and to do it in the best way, the Rota Vicentina Association proposes 7 maintenance walks and 1 field trip for surveys and counting hikers.

Close to celebrating 10 years, the Rota Vicentina Walking Trails continue to receive compliments from all the world.

In every two or three months, we have launched a calendar of field trips, with various types of work involved. Cleaning, painting, marking or cutting down some invasive plants… a lot has to be done to keep the trails in the perfect conditions for self guided walk.

And it’s because we have a lot of help from many Volunteers and Caretakers who answer to these initiatives, that tourists from all over the world follow the trails of the Rota Vicentina and get to know the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast.

In May and June, we call all volunteers to participate in one of the maintenance walks and in the HUGE monitoring action of surveys and counting hikers.

On 14th of May, we need all the help we can get to do a survey and count walkers all over the Rota Vicentina!

To be able to have a big photo of all the trail sections of Rota Vicentina, its necessary to have a great team on ALL THE TRAILS, AT THE SAME TIME!

Who are our hikers? How are they seen by the local community? What’s its impact on this region? Those are the answers we are looking for!

All the necessary material will be made available before the start of the counts:

  • Identification as a Rota Vicentina volunteer

  • 1 video on how to fill in the form and the precautions to take

  • 1 field manual on the work to be carried out

Can we count on you?


Irene Nunes

Nasceu em Besançon (França) no ano de 1986. Entre outras coisas, gosta particularmente de fotografia, caminhadas, cerâmica, leitura, surpresas e chocolate.

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