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6 steps towards Responsible Travel in Rota Vicentina

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1 - Travel slower and deeper

Align with the mind set change towards a smarter and wiser plan, by reducing the number of travels and staying longer and getting deeper into each place you visit. Rota Vicentina is not easily accessible so take the chance to stay at least one week and relax with the local pace.

Rota Vicentina is not easily accessible so take the chance to stay at least one week and relax with the local pace.

2 - Avoid the crowds: busiest trails and the peak seasons

Explore with consciousness. The problem is never too much people; it’s their concentration on the hot spots.

Rota Vicentina spreads along the whole region. Over 740 km trails for walking and 1.200 for mountain biking. Combine the beautiful coastline with some surprising amazing authentic rural experiences; don’t join the Summer crowds and consider November to March, if you really want to feel the whole nature around you.

3 - Check on your providers and their compromise towards sustainability

Support the real local economy. Being a Rota Vicentina partner already says a lot about a company, as those are supporting our global investment not only in tourism but also in sustainability tools, proper networking, quality standards, etc. But go further by inquiring your provider about their concerns towards the environment, the local identity or the resident community and base your decision on these factors.

4 - Be smart and mindfull local-traveller

Everything counts, from your itinerary, length of your stay, activities you choose, means of transport, what you buy, what you eat, to whom to talk to, how you spend your money.

Before planning your trip, read RV’s tips and recommendations but also other sources of information, this will be an important part of your role while you are there. Make your trip a mind full one and you’ll get back with more than just good memories, you’ll leave a good part of you in this place.

5 - Speak up

Let us know your feedback and contact the authorities if you see something going wrong. We need your voice to be heard and help us achieving more public investment on the sustainability of the region.

6 - Protect the Nature

The whole coastline in the region is protected area, and we need responsible travellers to help preserving it as pristine as it is today. Wild camping or parking your campervan on the cliffs sounds wonderful, but it’s becoming a problem out of garbage and visual impact.

Respect the law and don’t stay over night at the coast, don’t use the cliffs, as your camping site during the day, be extremely careful with your litter (either sanitary or not). Do not leave the marked single tracks and never pick up of by wildlife products: shells, rocks, flowers, fossils, etc.


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