New maintenance hikes calendar

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Want to volunteer on Rota Vicentina? Sign up for our maintenance walks and make a difference!

Despite the hot temperatures, the new walking season on Rota Vicentina has already begun, and many hikers can be seen out there!

We’re starting this new season still reeling from the wildfires that ravaged our land during the summer, significantly affecting portions of our Walking Trails. Our efforts are concentrated on maintaining these priority sections, but we still have many kilometers of trails throughout the territory that require maintenance and the support of volunteers.

That’s why we’re back with a new maintenance walks calendar! But this time, it’s a bit different from the usual. In this new season, the activity calendar will be annual, with one maintenance hike per month from October to June, always on weekends or holidays (as you all requested!).

Rota Vicentina maintenance hikes calendar for 2023-2024 walking season

Nature conservation activities will take place on special dates, which will be announced individually and will complement the activities on this calendar.

Friendly reminder: spots are limited! So, we appeal to your sensitivity and commitment to keep us informed of your intention to participate. This way, we can more easily manage the list of participants and the logistics of the activities.

To join us, you need to register through our online form 👇

If you have any questions, contact us by phone or email indicated on the poster. See you soon, volunteers 👋


Leonor Pires

Arquitecta Paisagista de formação, sempre esteve ligada à Natureza. Leonor adora plantas, música, artesanato, desenhar e caminhar ao ar livre. O Alentejo é a sua casa.

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