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馃嚞馃嚙 Rota Vicentina is one of the best long autumn walks in Europe according to The Guardian

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British newspaper "The Guardian" highlights Rota Vicentina as one of the best walking destinations in Europe.

The complete Rota Vicentina comprises 24 circular day hikes and two 13-stage trails: the 141-mile coastal Fishermen鈥檚 Trail and the 163-mile * Historical Way, which heads into the mountains and forests. The walking is generally easy and well waymarked. The biggest challenge is choosing which section of which route to do.

Read the full article here.

* Small correction: currently the Fishermen’s Trail comprises 13 stages, with a total of 226.5 km to walk along the Southern of Portugal.

Photo:Rocha Negra near Lagos. Photograph: Samuel Foster/Alamy


Beatriz Silvestre

Nasceu em Odemira no Ver茫o de 1994. 脡 uma apaixonada por sorrisos, por animais e pelas gentes. Na equipa da Rota Vicentina 茅 respons谩vel de marketing e comunica莽茫o.

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13 Oct 2023 Notice Management & Maintenance

Markings of Caminhos de Santiago and short-distance hiking trails coinciding with Rota Vicentina

Hey hikers, take note! There is a variety of trails (and signage) in Porto Covo and Cercal do Alentejo areas.

Irene Nunes
18 Aug 2023 Notice Management & Maintenance

Fire on Rota Vicentina trails

Rota Vicentina trails in the areas of S. Teot贸nio, Odeceixe and Bordeira affected by the August 2023 fires

Irene Nunes
10 Aug 2023 Article Strategy & Sustainability

Donations campaigns post-fires August 2023

The heart of our region burnt heavily during the last few days. From south of S茫o Teot贸nio to south of Odeceixe, peoples properties, [...]

Marta Cabral
24 Jun 2023 News Community

Breaking news: we have moved!

You can now find our team at our new address: Avenida Te贸filo da Trindade N.潞6 鈥 Odemira (across from the playground).

Beatriz Silvestre
16 May 2023 Notice Community

New marking on Luz 禄 Lagos trail section of the Fishermen’s Trail

New marking on Luz 禄 Lagos trail section of the Fishermen's Trail.

Irene Nunes
03 Feb 2023 Article Trips

Semana ID – A very special week at Rota Vicentina, in the Southwest of Portugal

It鈥檚 not a walking festival, it is not a cultural event, it has no headliners. It鈥檚 a special week, prepared along the year with and for the Natural Pa[...]

Marta Cabral

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