🇬🇧 Volunteering in February and March

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Calendar of volunteering activities in February and March 2022

8 maintenance walks and 1 field trip for monitoring

In 2021, we start a new format in our maintenance activities: it is the caretakers who guide the walks (always with our support, of course)! It was a big step forward and we are very proud that our trails have such special people caring for them and sharing their love for this territory.
In the first months of 2022, we prepared 8 maintenance walks, inland and along the coast, in Alentejo and Algarve regions, during weekdays and weekends. Anyway, there are walks for all tastes and shapes!

cartaz voluntariado rota vicentina fevereiro marco 2022

Who are our hikers? How are they seen by the local community? What’s its impact on this region?

Who remembers when we counted hikers and field surveys in 2017? Well, this year we do it again and the first round takes place in February.

The counting require the presence of a large team on the trails, about 80 people per day. In 2017, Rota Vicentina had the privilege to have many volunteers and it would be good to repeat this feat.

We want to establish a fixed set of volunteers that will be able to ensure their presence in several sessions throughout 2022 (there will be 6 in total). Before the start of the first field day, an online training session will be held for the volunteers and a manual will also be available.

Are you with us?


Irene Nunes

Irene Nunes nasceu em França, em 1986. Formou-se em Relações Internacionais, mas foi no Ecoturismo e Educação Ambiental que encontrou o seu caminho. As várias experiências de turismo, natureza e cultura inspiraram o seu percurso e trouxeram-na até ao Sudoeste de Portugal, onde é, desde 2017, responsável pelas áreas de Trilhos Pedestres e Voluntariado na Associação Rota Vicentina.

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The UBUNTU meeting

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Do you want to be a citizen scientist?

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Markings of Caminhos de Santiago and short-distance hiking trails coinciding with Rota Vicentina

Hey hikers, take note! There is a variety of trails (and signage) in Porto Covo and Cercal do Alentejo areas.

Irene Nunes
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Fire on Rota Vicentina trails

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Breaking news: we have moved!

You can now find our team at our new address: Avenida Teófilo da Trindade N.º6 – Odemira (across from the playground).

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New marking on Luz » Lagos trail section of the Fishermen’s Trail

New marking on Luz » Lagos trail section of the Fishermen's Trail.

Irene Nunes

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