🇬🇧 Volunteering in November and December

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Calendar of volunteering activities in November and December

Let’s end the year leaving a positive footprint on the paths of Rota Vicentina!


We invite you to take a look at the calendar of the next voluntary activities of the Rota Vicentina. Get together with your family and guarantee your place, but be aware that places on each walk are limited!

To ensure the safety of everyone on these trail maintenance activities, we remind you that we have slightly adapted the format of each of the walks, to avoid having to use hitch-hikers. Each activity will be done with all the necessary care. This is a great plan to do with your family!

Between November and December, we propose a set of 6 maintenance walks, some on Circular Routes, one on the Historical Trail and one on a section of the Fishermen’s Trail. The duration will vary according to the number of kilometres, the degree of difficulty and the maintenance needs that we will encounter along the way.

The aim of these walks is to check the state of the trail, the signposting and markings. With the help of volunteers and caretakers, we clean the information panel and the signs, when necessary, we revive the colours of the marks, we cut any vegetation that is covering up something and we pick up any rubbish that is on the path.

All the activities in this calendar have a limited number of participants and require registration. If you want to take part in any activity(s) we advise you to register quickly, as these activities tend to fill up. Hurry up!


Irene Nunes

Nasceu em Besançon (França) no ano de 1986. Entre outras coisas, gosta particularmente de fotografia, caminhadas, cerâmica, leitura, surpresas e chocolate.

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