🇬🇧 We are looking for volunteers to monitorize Rota Vicentina!

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Saturday, May 14th, join us!

In 2017, Rota Vicentina was privileged enough to have the help of volunteers and Associates to monitorize the trails. We have concluded that in 2017 Rota Vicentina had around 24,000 walkers, of 25 different nationalities, mainly from Germany, France and UK.

Shell we repeat this task to measure the impact on the region? Will we find out how many hikers are walking the Rota Vicentina? Will we find out who they are and what motivates them? How and how much money do they spend during their trip?

Do you want to be part of this huge team of volunteers? Through a few questions, with short conversations with hikers, we can measure the impact of Rota Vicentina in the Southwest of Portugal.

On May 14th (Saturday) we need all the help we can get to carry out surveys and count walkers along Rota Vicentina!

In order to have a simultaneous scan of all the sections of Rota Vicentina, it is necessary to have about 100 people spread from North to South of the territory.

How does it work?

  • Sign up through this  👉 https://rotavicentina.typeform.com/monitoring22

  • Wait to be contacted by Rota Vicentina team.
    We will tell you where to be on the 14th (it will always be close to where you are in the region at the moment) and where to collect the material.
    You will also be informed about the precautions to take during the counts and questionnaires, and of course, answer any questions you may have.

  • Pick up the Volunteer Kit in one of the meeting points in Alentejo and Algarve.
    The Volunteer Kit includes: 1 identification as a Rota Vicentina volunteer, a field manual about the work to develop, a count sheet and questionnaires.

  • On 14 May (Saturday) be at the local between 10am and 3pm.
    During this period, record the number of walkers passing by, as well as interviewing them. To complete this questionnaire, there is a survey with a dozen questions.

  • At the end of the day, deliver the Volunteer Kit material in one of the indicated places.

  • If you want to meet the team of Rota Vicentina Association and the other volunteers, you can also go to the cultural event Dia Catorze in S.Luís. More info at: www.id.rotavicentina.com/eventos/dia-catorze/

Teams will be made up of 2 volunteers, so that they can help each other carry out the surveys.

Invite your friends, work colleagues, your family, your dog and your parakeet. Rota Vicentina needs you!


Delphine Attali

Nasceu em Montpellier, no sul de França, em 1982. Em 2005, muda radicalmente de vida e instala-se no Alentejo.  Na Rota Vicentina, faz a gestão do projecto ID, com o intuito de aproximar cada vez mais o setor do turismo e a comunidade local. Gosta de costura, leitura mas também de atividades ao ar livre!

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