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🇬🇧 Nature, tranquility and gastronomy in portuguese televison SIC

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Rudolfo Muller, vice president of the Rota Vicentina Association, was interviewed and said that, although the Fishermen’s Trail is the most emblematic, the Historical Way is also very beautiful, especially in the spring and autumn. Rudolfo also emphasized the Circular Routes, explaining that they are a good option for soft walkers who rather do a day or even a half day hike.

“Rota Vicentina had an impact on the region because it put it on the world map.”

This is the opinion of Luís Falcão, from Herdade do Touril, that is presented as a good option for rest in contact with nature.

From the tranquility and calm of the Touril, Se7e continues to the frenzy of the fishing port of Entrada da Barca, where Ana Maria, from the restaurant O Sacas, chooses the catch of the day to make the famous dishes that fill the space with customers. The Filetes de Peixe Aranha, Polvo à Pescador e a Feijoada de Búzios are some of the specialties of this restaurant that began as a fishermen’s tavern, with Ana Maria in the kitchen. Suggestions not to miss on the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast!

See the full show (in Portuguese) here.

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13 Oct 2023 Notice Management & Maintenance

Markings of Caminhos de Santiago and short-distance hiking trails coinciding with Rota Vicentina

Hey hikers, take note! There is a variety of trails (and signage) in Porto Covo and Cercal do Alentejo areas.

Irene Nunes
18 Aug 2023 Notice Management & Maintenance

Fire on Rota Vicentina trails

Rota Vicentina trails in the areas of S. Teotónio, Odeceixe and Bordeira affected by the August 2023 fires

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Donations campaigns post-fires August 2023

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Marta Cabral
24 Jun 2023 News Community

Breaking news: we have moved!

You can now find our team at our new address: Avenida Teófilo da Trindade N.º6 – Odemira (across from the playground).

Beatriz Silvestre
16 May 2023 Notice Community

New marking on Luz » Lagos trail section of the Fishermen’s Trail

New marking on Luz » Lagos trail section of the Fishermen's Trail.

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Semana ID – A very special week at Rota Vicentina, in the Southwest of Portugal

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