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🇬🇧 Maintenance of WalkingTrails with the Évora University

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September has marked the return to trails and all volunteering activities!

On September 22nd, Rota Vicentina team walk with some Tourism Degree and Master classes of Évora University, on a trail section Zambujeira do Mar » Almograve, of Fishermen’s Trail. The starting point was in the village of Cavaleiro and the final destination the fishing village of Almograve.

The day was excellent for walking, and only got better in the company of these students, full of good vibes and curiosity.

Guided by Leonor Pires, this walk had the purpose of showing the Rota Vicentina Association and the work it develops for the region, through the maintenance of the Walking Trails.

We started by sharing the history of the foundation of the Association and its evolution. We talked about the need to anchor tourism to the character of the region and the local community, stating this principle as our guiding compass to tread a more sustainable journey for everyone. All in all, a day very well spent!


Leonor Pires

Arquitecta Paisagista de formação, sempre esteve ligada à Natureza. Leonor adora plantas, música, artesanato, desenhar e caminhar ao ar livre. O Alentejo é a sua casa.

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