Volunteering In November, December and January

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Maintenance, volunteering and monitoring activities calendar in November and December 2022 and January 2023

Autumn has finally arrived! We have already shorter and cooler days as well as, while hiking in our trails, we can see the colors changing in the landscape. The rain has also started and we welcome it! We cannot carry out maintenance walks on rainy days so we hope that these days will not be coincident with the dates defined in the next Volunteering Calendar.

⚠ Maintenance walks cannot happen on rainy days because the ink we use to repaint the signs does not dry in wet weather, preventing its correct use.

Our maintenance walks, trail monitoring or nature conservation actions are an excellent opportunity for you to join us and help us! It’s very simple, you just need to bring boots, food, a coat, good vibes and a willingness to be outside!

In this calendar, in addition to maintenance hikes, we have two extra types of activities: monitoring the impact of the trails: counting and carrying out surveys and nature conservation actions.

Monitoring actions are essential to understand the impact of Rota Vicentina on the territory. This will be our last activity to count and apply surveys of hikers in the year 2022 and therefore the collaboration of volunteers is essential!

Nature conservation activites were suspended for a while, but they’re back! On these afternoons, we’ll go to the countryside to know better some of our ecosystems and to act on one of its main threats: invasive species. These are moments of knowledge exchange, socializing and teamwork regarding nature conservation!

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Leonor Pires

Arquitecta Paisagista de formação, sempre esteve ligada à Natureza. Leonor adora plantas, música, artesanato, desenhar e caminhar ao ar livre. O Alentejo é a sua casa.

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🇬🇧 Do you want to help the Rota Vicentina Association? Make a donation!

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