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🇬🇧 The Diary of Semana ID

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Follow the event Semana ID through the Rota Vicentina's Blog!

Every day we will update you on what happens during the second edition of Semana ID, an event promoted by the Rota Vicentina Association in Southwest of Portugal.

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  • 28/03/2022

    Follow the Semana ID (ID Week) through the Rota Vicentina’s Blog! . There are 7 days left until the start of the Semana ID. The programme has been launched, the invitations have been sent out and the next few days will be used to finalise the production of the part that concerns Rota Vicentina: promotion, welcome session, Mesa ID, walks and field trips, bike rides with journalists and operators, and many, many other details. Enthusiasm and some anxiety, who hasn’t?

    Read the article in Público (Portuguese newspaper)Read the article in Sul Informação (portuguese online newspaper)
  • 29/03/2022

    In these days, a local young boy that Rota Vicentina welcomed for a short internship, Tiago, has been a great help. He walked around the territory for several days, finding the best places to apply the new qrcode sticker, promotional material for our Agenda, a platform of Rota Vicentina that is accessible to all visitors and local’s all year, and recieve theSemana ID programme on these special dates.

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  • 30/03/2022

    Today we were at local radio RIO, in Odemira village, talking about the Semana ID programme. Marta Cabral, President of the Rota Vicentina Association, spoke about her journey in the Association and the path it is following in the region and of course, the details of the Semana ID. Here is the audio record (only in portuguese):

  • 31/03/2022

    Today is General Assembly day at the Rota Vicentina Association. We will approve the accounts for 2021 and prepare the last details for this beautiful celebration that will be the Semana ID, which marks another cycle, another year of work whose fruits this event so well shows.

  • 1/04/2022

    Today is the day our blog is launched! Until today, it has been in testing and seems to be performing well. It’s an immense pleasure to have got this far, thank you to all who have accompanied us!

    Read April Editorial
  • 2/04/2022

    All set for Semana ID! Today we took the day off to be with our family ’cause the next few days won’t give us a break! We leave you with some weekend readings (portuguese media) to get inspired and follow us on this journey. Until tomorrow, with all the mood and joy, let’s think, visit and celebrate the Southwest!

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  • 3/04/2022

    This is how the first day of Semana ID went…

    In the morning, an “Ode to Mira”, an activity created by Joana Queiroz from the Rota Vicentina Local Guides Course. It was a beautiful tribute to the Mira river that took us on a walking tour along the tracks of Santa Clara-a-Velha. Along the way, local people shared poems and songs that, through the time, are the proof of love, gratitude and respect for this river.

    In the afternoon, José Guilherme opened the doors of the Odemira’s wind mill, which grinds as in other times and transforms wheat and corn into flour. From here, historian António Quaresma guided us through the streets of the town, on a walk full of stories of the landscapes and people who led this land to what it is today.

    At the CRIAR, we got our hands dirty with the crochet and ceramics workshops by CACO – Associação de Artesãos do Concelho de Odemira.

    And because celebrate was part of the promise of Semana ID, we were visited by two german hikers (hey, if you are reading this, contact us!) who were celebrating their wedding anniversary by walking the trails of the Rota Vicentina! There are some moments that become so special! Together, we watched the play “Os Malteses”, by the theatre company GATO SA, and danced at the ballconducted by the Association PédeXumbo.

    In between, there was still time for the usual welcome words from Marta Cabral, President of Rota Vicentina Association, and Hélder Guerreiro, Mayor of Odemira.

    A little preview of the beautiful week ahead!

  • 4/04/2022

    Today the rain has graced us with its presence. Some activities of the programme have been postponed or cancelled, but we still alive the spirit of Semana ID.

    During the afternoon, Leonor Pires and Francisco de Sousa, two architects who collaborated with Rota Vicentina through the project Life Volunteer Escapes, guided us through the “landscape we have chosen”.

    For almost 5 km we follow an interpretative walk along the trails of the Rota Vicentina, in S. Luís, on a combination of the Circular Route of the S. Luís Gardens and a section of the Historical Way. We walked with the very particular aim of looking at the landscape as a reflection of the choices we make.

    And how nice it was to (re)discover what we have right here on our doorstep!

    This evening we also welcomed the Portuguese journalist Miguel Judas and the Spanish tour operator German. Casa da Lua – Rota Vicentina’s partner accommodation – was the big host for this welcome. To Cristina, our thanks for your support!

  • 5/04/2022

    Another grey day along the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast! We know that every drop of rain is precious, and so Semana ID goes on, firm and strong.

    After a night well spent at Casa da Lua – accommodation associated with the Rota Vicentina – the morning began with the start of thePress & FamTrip dedicated to the offerCycling.. From Amoreiras-Gare railway station, a group of journalists and tour operators cycled along the Long Distance MTB Trail of Rota Vicentina, accompanied by Diogo Trindade, our Associates Manager.

    Meanwhile, at the Três Marias country house, the chef Hugo Nascimento was already wearing an apron and preparing a meal for “Mesa ID”. While the pots were simmering, Danilo Warick set the scene for the recording and broadcasting this very special moment.

    And as a good Portuguese home can’t lack bread, cheese and wine on the table, Padaria DoZero and Herdade do Cebolalpresented us with a good snack to comfort the stomach and feed the spirit of the conversation that would follow.

    Three o’clock on the dot and Radio RIO was already talking about our South-West. For those who can’t listen live, here is the podcast (only in potuguese!):

    Back on bikes and with more than 50 km done, the group arrived in São Luís. Time to clean all bikes, recharge batteries (of the equipment and more!) and go sleep. Dinner and evening were Herdade da Matinha, long-time partner of Rota Vicentina.

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  • 6/04/2022

    And on the fourth day of Semana ID, the sun was out!

    This morning started in the village of Aljezur, on a trip guided by Daniel Martins – student of the Local Guides Course– to the Arab times.

    On the Press and Fam Trip, the group cycled to south. From S. Luís to S.Miguel, it was more than 55km on the legs. Upon arrival, he was treated to a wine tasting by Vicentino Wines.

    We also went on the trail with a 1st year class from Cercal do Alentejo Primary School. Together with the teacher Catarina, the students take care part of the Historical Way (between Fonte Santa and Cercal do Alentejo) and took advantage of Semana ID to go to the trail to do some maintenance, because since the last maintenance walk the brambles have grown!

    Accompanied by Irene Nunes, we also talked about walking and cycling trail markings and the precautions to take during a walk.

    In Almograve, with the caretakers Teresa and Augusto Nogueira, a Maintenance Walk took place between the Lapa das Pombas Fishing Harbour and Cabo Sardão, one of the most iconic sections of the Fishermen’s Trail!

    This walk was a real tribute to Spring, with many species in bloom and a calm sea, just begging for a dip!

    The evening ended at Casa da Lua, with an evening of music, stories and a glass of good medronho. Cheers!

  • 7/04/2022

    Today the day started with a Nordic Walking Tour, starting from the Pensão das Dunas.

    At Praia do Malhão, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, we have a guided walk promoted by Finn Rasquin, a student of the Course for Local Guides by Rota Vicentina. Here, we were warmly guided through the dune landscape and its charms. This activity ended with a picnic next to Rocha d’Água d’Alte, which turned into a delicious promotion of this land!

    Also by the sea, but a bit further south, we accompanied teacher Marina Mogo and a class from the 6º grade of Colos School on a walk along the Almograve Circular Route.

    This was a day packed with outdoor activities so it didn’t stop there! Further inland, we were also guided by caretakers Joke through the Troviscais to Mira Circular Route.

    Meanwhile, in the Press Trip, the cycling journey continued towards the Algarve… Aljezur, Carrapateira and finally, the well deserved rest at Casa Fajara!

  • 8/04/2022

    Second to last day of Semana ID! It happened so fast, don’t you think?

    Today the program started with in Santa Clara-a-Velha, preparing all the scenarios that will receive the market “Aldeias à Vista”, an initiative of CLARA – Centre for Rural Future – and the party of the Semana ID.

    In Vila do Bispo, we relive the manual arts, with a walk guided by Beatriz Cardoso. An experience in Barão de São Miguel, with the art and nature, which, from the basketry to the pottery, we visited artisans work spaces and made us put – literally – our “hands in the dough”!

    Also in the South of Portugal, the Fam and Press Trip group that go on this 2nd edition of the Semana ID, cycled towards Cape St. Vincent. With a stop at Mar Ilimitado, Rota Vicentina’s partner company, to learn a little more about the sea that surrounds us, the group finished the day at Salema Eco Camp, with a good portuguese beer to recharge their batteries!

    By the sunset, the meeting of the caretakers of the Rota Vicentina’s Walking Trails took place for the first time, on an interpretative hike along the Circular Route of Senhora das Neves. Guided by local biologist Paula Canha, who enchanted us with her stories and knowledge, we finished this walk with a traditional snack at sunset. A BIG thanks to the caretaker Paula Silva (Figueirinha Ecoturismo) for this moment!

    In the evening, the film “The Coast of the Storks” also travelled, this time to the villages of S.Luís and Azenhas do Mar. Another dream come true, which we hope to repeat soon in many more places!

  • 9/04/2022

    It was such a good week, full of activities, love and celebration. But it’s not over yet, so let’s go!

    The day started well, with another cycling program! Paulo Rente and Filipe Rodrigues guided a 36 km (yes, you read right, thirty-six) MTB tour around S.Luís!

    And also in S.Luís, poetry also took to the streets, in a popular meeting in the village centre, where the whole community visited and celebrated our national poetic culture. An initiative by the “O Cerro Foundation – Culture and Education” that should be repeated!

    In Cercal do Alentejo, Matilde Gamito opened the doors of her family’s bakery for the activity “Bread, from tradition to the heart”. Here, we were able to be part of the history of this Alentejo delicacy, from the kneading to the best of Alentejo’s food, the most appreciated by the locals: the “açorda”!

    And the day ended in Santa Clara-a-Velha, to the sound of Marco Campaniça, Os Marafados and lots and lots of fun!

    This is Semana ID. Thank you for following us 💚

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Nasceu em Odemira no Verão de 1994. É uma apaixonada por sorrisos, por animais e pelas gentes. Na equipa da Rota Vicentina é responsável de marketing e comunicação.

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